Concept of consumer goods

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A consumer product is purchased to satisfy personal desires. Sometimes the same items can be classified as business or consumer, depending on its intended use.

Goods and services of coexistence are those that people buy frequently, without much awareness, inexpensive items like toothpaste, routine personnel services, etc.. Because the buyer is already familiar with these things, the habit exerts a strong influence on the purchase decision. Services that are considered commonly sold as suitable based on the location and personal sympathy between the buyer and seller.

Purchase goods and services are purchases that require more evidence, these are typically important things that people do not buy every day.
According to habit or patterns of customers, they are not three but four classes can be distinguished: products coexistence, purchase products and specialty products, the last class are the products not specifically sought are those generally unknown to the buyer, who, even knowing them, has no intention of purchasing. They belong to the category of new products. These products are not searched until about customers has exerted great influence through advertising.

Concept of capital goods

Capital goods or also called industrial products or services are used to carry out industrial activities.
Personal selling also affects purchase capital items, such as equity investments, new factories, trucks, etc... When buying these items industrial buyers behave in much the same way that consumers are buying goods cart.

Final consumer products

The end user products is when the consumer believes that comparing price and quality of these items against time and effort are not profitable.
While we can understand definition of consumer goods as those that are intended to be used and purchased by consumers, according to their wants and needs and can be used without further industrial processing, those acquired on the last stay by the consumer.

Classification of aeroterme electrice end user products according to their habits

To start the exercise say first that the classification of goods is not an easy overhead, because although there have been different variations when classifying and sorting depends on the needs of consumers, ie human behavior depends on and responds to needs.

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